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Fish Story

Not long ago, my partner Matt Brubaker was running on the beach in La Jolla, California. He spotted a young seal on the beach waving its flippers and bobbing its head to get attention from ... View newsletter.

We have met our ally, and he is us

The famous line from the Pogo comic strip goes, "We have met the enemy, and he is us." The above variation seems apt only a few days after the terrible bombing at the Boston Marathon. ... View newsletter.

It's 11:59 p.m. on April 15...

...do you know where your tax return is? Today is annual tax filing day and like clockwork, tens of thousands of people around the country will wait until the last second and then rush to their ... View newsletter.

"Whatever is Happening..."

The headline quote by Susan Sontag (full quote is "Whatever is happening, something else is always going on."), remains one of the more illuminating bits of wisdom I have ever read. It ... View newsletter.

Two CEO's Walk into a Bar...

According to a new study conducted by the Wharton School, leadership effectiveness and height are correlated. In other words, the taller you are, the better leader you'll be. Just kidding. Today is ... View newsletter.

It's Fall in Tasmania

The globe is a fascinating thing. Consider the International Date Line, which makes it possible to fly over the Pacific Ocean from Tokyo to Los Angeles and arrive before you left (that's really ... View newsletter.

Relearning the Fundamentals

Ah spring, a time when fly balls and pickoff throws fill the air! In Florida and Arizona, Major League Baseball clubs are going through the motions of spring training. Players are working on their ... View newsletter.

Gerrymandering Your Organization

It's no secret that Congress is dysfunctional. Its futility is a product of the polarization that comes from tampering with population center boundaries of to create favorable voter rolls-a ... View newsletter.

And the Oscar Goes To...

Last Sunday we engaged in that classically American ritual, the Academy Awards. Of the many endlessly interesting things about the Oscars, one stands out to me: the change in the phrase spoken by ... View newsletter.

The Power of Distraction

In business, we treasure the stereotype of the grinder, the guy (or gal) who puts in the 14-hour days to get the job done. That's virtuous, we say. Sitting at your desk, mainlining coffee and not ... View newsletter.

Feb 18, 2013 Issue

Are We Rewarding Behavior That's Damaging Teams?

In my next book, one of the things I'll be discussing is the idea that our traditional metrics of team success are outdated and even ignorant of the realities of how people function within the ... View newsletter.

Mud Bowl

Were you one of the 50 million Americans who watched the Super Bowl? It's a great spectacle, and has become an important American ritual where the hoopla often outshines the game. When I watch ... View newsletter.

Fifty Shades of Gray

There are many sides to every issue. Said differently, reality comes in at least 50 shades of gray. Our views are colored by our experiences, morality and sense of ethics, and differ from those of ... View newsletter.

Are You Training Innovators or Elevators?

On the day dedicated to Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., I'd like to share a lesser-known Dr. King quote: "The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. ... View newsletter.

Compromise: A Four-Letter Word?

With the New Year comes the looming fight over the debt ceiling. You know the basics: Congress must authorize an increase in the debt the U.S. can take on so we can pay our bills. What strikes me ... View newsletter.

Teams of Leaders, Leaders of Teams

Leading others powerfully isn't a solo sport. I know. There's a lot of hyperbole (e.g., exaggeration) attached to leadership conversations that state otherwise. In fact, there's about a half ... View newsletter.

New Year, Same Tired Promises

This time, every year we are bombarded with messages of new beginnings. With the new year we suddenly have access to new energy, new possibilities, new discipline, new physical condition, new ... View newsletter.

Dec 26, 2012 Issue

Children Believe. What Happens When We Don't?

As millions of children breathlessly await the arrival of Santa Claus, parents are debatingthe pros and cons of letting the kids believe in Saint Nick. Some think we should tell the truth; they ... View newsletter.

Dec 17, 2012 Issue

How to Make Sense of the Incomprehensible?

Words cannot begin to express the horror and sadness from the incomprehensible December 14 shooting in Connecticut. There is no leadership insight or management strategy that will let grieving ... View newsletter.

A Different Take on the Election

Q: How have you seen hurdles turn into energy sources for change? In the wake of Tuesday night's election, there are as many potential lessons as there were electoral votes. One stands out for me, ... View newsletter.

Does "Agree to Disagree" Miss the Point?

Q: What do others' pronouncements tell you about their values, motivations and passions? What does your reaction to them tell about you? In this hyper-kinetic election season, it's likely you've ... View newsletter.

Signal and Noise

Q: What would you discover if you could hear yourself better? Much of my career as a leadership coach and advisor has involved helping business leaders increase their self-awareness. Like the air ... View newsletter.

Everyone's Looking to You-Or at You

Q: Is your self-image really what others see? Looking at yourself isn't always about vanity; we need a good view of ourselves if we want to grow. But, a mirror isn't the only way we can do this. ... View newsletter.

Are You in the Zone?

"I'm just trying to get uncomfortable" You might worry about someone who said that to you. Our beds, cars, office chairs are all designed for comfort. Truly, comfort is good. But comfort ... View newsletter.

Play Ball

Q: Ever watch a kid play?   Kids don't need a pep talk, instruction manual or teambuilding exercise. They are boundless sources of creativity, energy and joy. Anyone think our adult version ... View newsletter.

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