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Dr. Foster Mobley | Weekly Wisdoms

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter

In the late ‘50's, folk legend Pete Seeger penned an important song of purpose and renewal based on the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes, called "Turn! Turn! Turn! (to Everything There is a Season)". The song's popularity skyrocketed in 1965 when the version covered by The Byrds went to #1 on the charts. If you are of a certain age, I'll bet even this reminder of the song brings a smile to your face. It does mine.

It's an important message, rooted in the deepest wisdom from nature, reminding us that every act, and every season can, and does serve a valuable and needed purpose.

Allow yourself a moment of grace from your multi-tasked life and consider wisdom from the seasons:

· Spring-the season of possibility, creativity and hope; a time of renewed energy, to draw on the lessons and resources from the previous year to plant new ideas.

· Summer-the season of growth in a fertile environment; the time for aggressive initiatives and energies.

· Autumn-the season of quiet and reflection, whose gift is to allow us to look at our choices and be open to learning in a way that will show up in our actions of subsequent Springs and Summers.

· Winter-the season of rest, renewal and recovery; the time of healing, restoration and deepening our roots in that which sustains us.

"To everything, there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven." Do you give yourself, and those around you, the important gift of the wisdom of the seasons?

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