WISDOM LEADING: The Conversation With Dr. Foster Mobley

Dr. Foster Mobley - From His New Book "Leadersh*t"

"Great leading is about knowing yourself and being fully in the moment so that when the moments of critical performance come, you can evoke the very best in yourself and others. The rest is just leadersh*t."


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  • Dr. Foster Mobley

    8 Questions

    Connect with Foster

    You asked, we answered! Check out the latest round of 8 Questions with Foster to hear more about reactions to the book and Foster's experiences as a new author.
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  • Winner

    2012 Independent Publisher Gold Book Award

    Winner of 16th Annual,  2012 Independent Publisher Book Awards, gold medal in the category of Business, Career, and Sales.
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  • The New Book From Dr. Foster Mobley


    Rethinking the True Path to Great Leading

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    Little Foster's Assignment

    Check out Foster's latest videos on Wisdom Leading™ and his new book Leadersh*t: Discovering the True Path to Great Leading. Follow Foster through this animated short and visit the video page to see exclusive interviews about the book.
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Dr. Foster Mobley

Trusted advisor and coach to admired executives globally for 3 decades, Thought leader on wisdom-based approaches to breakthrough leading, "Lead Coach" for Deloitte's experienced and high potential leader development, Team performance advisor to two NCAA championship teams